Career in England is having continuous growth. This is being possible due to increasing economic condition greater than human growth. New researches initiating new sectors of job. In general professionalism has helped worldwide to create new jobs & growth of the career sectors.
Career Goal is most important to have a successful career. The goal of earning enough money is the common basic goal, but beside this one must establish himself as the expert of the same type of activity, like a politician become an president. Honesty is one of the major factor for the shiny career.
Building up a shiny career is that one should be the leader, consultant and director of his area of expertise. This can be build up with honesty, integrity, endeavor, contribution, talent & persistency.
Difficulties in building up a right career are placement of oneself to a sector or people or technology he doesn’t feel suitable or friendly. So you have to choose the sector you feel friendly. Another difficulty is the self-disorder. One must be motivated to his career sector, only then he can prove himself as the master of his sector. Poor organization structure is also a barrier for building up the career. This can only be rectified by implementing job description or choosing systemic companies or organizations.
The common career sectors are Accounting/Finance ,Bank/ Non-Bank Fin. Institution, Commercial, Supply Chain , Education, Training, Engineer, Architects , Garments, Textile, HR- Org. Development, Gen Mgt-Admin, Design-Creative , Production-Operation, Hospitality- Travel- rate Tourism , Beauty Care- Health & Fitness, Electrician- Construction- Repair, Others, IT & Telecommunication, Marketing-Sales, Customer Support-Call Centre, Media-Advertisement-Event Mgt, Medical-Pharma, Agro (Plant/Animal/Fisheries),NGO-Development, Research-Consultancy , Secretary-Receptionist, Data Entry-Operator-BP, Security-Support Service, Law-Legal.
England & other developing countries have career growth higher than population growth. In May 2014 the unemployment rate was around 7% and at October 2014 the unemployment rate has come down to 6%.This is also the indication of healthy economic condition as well as healthy career status. It is important to consider the unemployment rate of the country to apply for the jobs. England has a unemployment rate of 6.0%, where as Germany has a unemployment rate of 5.0% right now, so someone should choose to apply for the jobs in Germany more than England, since probability of getting a job is higher in Germany.
Choosing the right career includes so many factors to consider, the position , the working environment , career progress & growth , organization structure , reputation of the company, company growth rate , company business demands , fringe & benefits , annual increment rate, future business growth possibility of the company etc. So one should join the company considering all these factors mentioned above for a smooth progress of his career.
Career is not only for making money rather it is to contribute for oneself, for one’s family, for the society, for the company, for the country, for the world.